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"Are You Ready for The Salon Suite Life? 10 Must-Ask Questions For Your Potential Landlord"

Updated: May 29

Tossing around the idea of moving into a salon suite?

Ah. The joys of salon ownership without (most) of the hoopla! Coming from someone who has experience being a commission and booth rental Stylist, a booth rent salon owner, a suite renter, to a salon suite company owner - I can confidently tell you that having your own salon suite can drastically improve your overall salon experience (especially if you find a salon suite co. that supports your vision!)

From understanding your lease getting that 1 (or 2!) chair salon license, here's what you you should know when venturing out on your own:

Get Insurance

Your responsibility: Salon Suite Leases generally require you to get General Liability Insurance - though it won't always cover your professional services in the event of an accident. Be sure to discuss with your insurance agent to ensure you're fully protected.

The Landlord's responsibility: Your Salon Suite co. typically carries their own General Liability and Property insurance (their policy won't cover your personal equipment though - so talk with your agent about Renters Insurance options.)

Read Your Lease!

I get it - I've written one or two with our lawyers myself. They can be confusing in nature and make you feel like you're not sure what you're signing up for. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

In fact, here 10 questions I encourage you to ask your potential landlord:

  1. Should I expect a rent increase?

  2. What amenities are included in my rent?

  3. When is rent due and what happens if I miss a payment?

  4. What repairs and duties am I responsible for?

  5. What insurance is required?

  6. Where is trash/recycling located and what is the pickup schedule?

  7. What does parking look like for my clients and myself?

  8. Can I receive mail at the location?

  9. What community policies are in place to ensure a comfortable experience for my guests?

  10. What happens if I need to break my lease?

As a Landlord at Niche, I get asked these Q's during each hiring process and I respect and appreciate the level of preparedness it shows of the person asking - your landlord likely will, too!

Update Your Licensure

On top of your Cosmetology/Esthetics license, you'll need to obtain your official salon license. This license is based on the number of operators in your suite and allows you to work as a fully functional salon and receive a an inspection for a "grade".

Little tip: you can usually look up your local state board requirements online prior to your inspection! Don't forget to keep a first aid kit somewhere accessible in your suite to avoid losing a point!

By considering these factors when moving into a salon suite, you can position yourself for success and create a thriving business in your new space!


About the blog

Hi, I'm Juli! Stylist, Salon Suite co. Owner, and your personal guide to getting your suite right the first time.

 I'm here to bring ease into your journey of salon ownership by sharing my 10+ years of lessons learned.

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