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Building a Personal Brand behind the chair: 4 Essentials

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Going independent as a beauty pro can trigger the red car syndrome: is everyone offering what I’m offering? Are there enough clients for all of us?

Don’t worry, the short answer is yes - but a strong personal brand is your secret weapon.

A bit of advice before I toss you the keys to your new personal brand:

You are the best.

You are the best (insert your name here). You are the ONLY (insert your name here).

Your thoughts, ideas, voice, vision, goals, and skills are unique to you and you will attract clients who are meant for you and who will like you and book with you. It’s what sets you apart and draws in your dream clients.

Got that? Ok let’s go!

To nail this, you need to focus on four key elements: Vision, Voice, Value, and Visuals. Let’s break it down:

VISION – What You Stand For

Your vision is the heartbeat of your brand. It’s about what you stand for and what fuels your passion. Maybe you’re all about enhancing natural beauty with balayage and low-maintenance styles. In this case, your vision should scream “effortless” and empower your clients to feel amazing every single day. When you’re clear on your vision, clients know exactly what to expect and why they should choose you.

VOICE – How You Communicate

Your voice is your brand’s personality in action. It’s how you talk to your audience, whether it’s on Instagram, in a blog post, or face-to-face. Are you warm and chatty, or more polished and professional? Keep it consistent. Your voice should connect with your ideal clients and make them feel heard and valued. If your vision is effortless beauty, your voice might be encouraging and approachable, guiding clients to easy, manageable, low-maintenance solutions. If you’re struggling with this, think of your favorite Podcast and how he/she speaks to you. How is their approach attractive to you?

VALUE – What You Provide

The value you bring is the core of your brand. It’s what makes you unique. Let’s go back to specializing in balayage and low-maintenance hairstyles: Your value lies in your expertise, the quality of your work, and the customized experience you offer. Highlight the benefits—like fewer salon visits, personalized styles, and professional grade products. Show your clients the real, tangible value they get from choosing you.

VISUALS – How You Share

Visuals are your brand’s first impression. They cover everything from your logo and website to your Instagram feed and salon decor. High-quality visuals that align with your vision and voice are crucial. For a stylist, before-and-after photos, videos, and images of your work can showcase your skills.

Consistent, on-brand visuals make your brand instantly recognizable and reinforce your identity (don’t over-use your logo though, tossing your logo on everything in an effort to  ‘brand’ your work won’t be as effective as using consistent colors, fonts, how you pose your clients for photos, a consistent brand voice, etc.

Focus on these four essentials—Vision, Voice, Value, and Visuals—and you’ll build a personal brand that makes it easier to connect with the clients you’re looking for. Be clear about your vision, communicate authentically, offer incredible value, and use killer visuals to tell your story. With these strategies, you’ll attract and keep loyal clients who love what you do.


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