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Is high foot-traffic essential to your salon suite success?

For many salons, one of the first things a Stylist looks for in a location is visibility - but how much does this actually play a role in your success as a salon suite renter?

Regardless of where your suites are located, you'll need to consider the accessibility new clients will have to you and other pertinent details of what you'll be responsible for as a salon suite renter.

When I set out to open my first booth rental salon, I wanted a prime location with as much visibility as possible. I drove around to busy areas with lots of traffic and when I finally landed on a space, it was a plaza on a main street. We received calls daily and appointment inquiries, driven by the convenience of the location and reception assisted scheduling.

While we were busy and expanded quickly, for all fairness, I can't say for certain that our popularity grew from the location, but also from the newness and unique aesthetic that we had to offer. Anyway, several years later, when I sold my stake in the business and set out to build a new one, I actively sought out the complete opposite for my next area: a destination location.

What is a "destination" location?

A "destination" location for a business refers to a place that attracts customers specifically because of the unique experience, products, or services it offers.

Unlike a more convenient location, where customers visit frequently out of proximity to other (usually more familiar) businesses, a destination location draws people from a wider area who are willing to travel for the distinctive appeal, reputation, or high-quality offerings of the business. This type of location often becomes a sought-after spot that people plan to visit as part of their activities or lifestyle.

I settled on this choice for several reasons:

  • As a naturally curious person, I wanted to see the impact of placing a luxury concept in a more residential area—close to a main highway but just outside the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic.

  • There was so much traffic and construction around my previous location, I personally wanted a calmer experience for myself, co-workers, and guests.

Most salon suites are placed in centralized locations for high visibility, but this does not necessarily equate to more clients should that location not have a client funnel to feed you new guests.

If your goal is to build a specific, long-term clientele, you may not be focused on the quantity of walk-ins or inquiries your suite location provides. Instead, you may want clients who appreciate the unique experience you offer and are willing to go out of their way to book with you directly and visit your suite. This approach allows you to cultivate a loyal, high-quality client base that aligns with your vision and values.

Since opening in early 2023, our destination suites received a uniquely positive response from the small community we are rooted in, and visitors who value the privacy and luxury of arriving to a location centered around quiet, little luxuries.

When considering whether to stay in a traditional salon or rent a salon suite independently, it's important to understand the unique dynamics of a destination location. Unlike high-traffic areas where foot traffic has the potential to bring in more clients, a destination location requires more effort to attract attention. As a tenant, you'll need to work harder to get eyes on your business. However, this challenge comes with significant rewards.

At my suite co., we specifically work with artisans who are confident in their active clientele or their ability to reach and attract their ideal clients. These professionals naturally draw in a clientele that values the destination concept and is willing to seek out their services.

Main Points to consider:

  • Visibility vs. Accessibility: High-visibility locations can bring in more walk-ins, but they don’t guarantee a loyal, long-term clientele.

  • Destination Locations: These attract clients seeking unique experiences, willing to travel for high-quality services, and help in building a specific, dedicated client base.

  • Strategic Considerations: Regardless of location, building a strong brand and client relationships through exceptional service and marketing is crucial. (If you're looking for a few ways to make the transition easier, I wrote a blog about Building your personal brand behind the chair for you last month.)

Ultimately, choosing to rent a salon suite anywhere means embracing the challenge of building your brand and clientele through strategic marketing and exceptional service. It's about creating a business that reflects your personal style and attracts clients who truly value what you offer. If you choose to start in a highly visible location, you may have a better chance at building a clientele more quickly should they combine this feature with a funnel, while a destination spot may naturally create a filter for you of more serious clients - your choice should truly depend on your goals.

Like we've discussed before, your salon suite environment is just as important to match with your business goals as the suite itself.


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